Useful Websites

NOAH – The National Organisation for Albinism and Hypopigmentation Information, discussion forums, links and much, much more all about albinism and other forms of hypopigmentation, this site is world renowned.

Albinism – Kids Health For Kids Great explanation of what albinism is, written for children to understand.

Vision For Tomorrow Provides information on albinism, aniridia and other retinal disorders causing low vision from birth. In addition, the Vision for Tomorrow makes available research grants, educational resources and public awareness projects for parents, educators and medical professionals in the area of low vision, with a focus on aniridia and albinism.

Positive Exposure Rick Guidotti is challenging the stigma associated with physical difference through beautiful photographs of people with albinism.

Blind Citizens Australia

NOAH Webinar recordings (note mostly about 1 hour long but full of information) various topics (


Online Support Groups

AFA Facebook group for residents of Australia and AFA members.

Albinism International an international online support group.


Personal Websites

My Home Truths

Lucy and Sammy

 International Albinism Organisations

New Zealand Albinism Trust

Albinism Fellowship UK & Ireland

Under The Same Sun (UTSS)