There are a number of funding options available for people with Albinism with a measured visual acuity of greater than 6/18 and even more options for thsoe measured greater than 6/60 (classed as legally blind). Please note funding available will differ from person to person depending on your individual circumstances.  The funding options listed below are a guide to provide a starting point to explore your options for yourself and / or your child.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (national)
  • Centerlink – Carer Allowance (national)
  • Companion Card (national)
  • Vision Impaired Travel Pass (for public transport – some states)
  • Taxi Subsidy Scheme (most states)
  • Disability Support Pension (for adults)
  • Australian Government funding to schools and higher education providers to support students with disabilities. Go to the school or provider for information on supports available.

Further details are availalbe in the members area under the “For Parents” or “Those with albinism” tabs.