For Parents

New Parents – know that your child will be OK!

Firstly congratulations on your little one! At the AFA we appreciate and understand how overwhelming it is to be told your child has Albinism.  You will most likely have a list of questions you need answered and concerns for your child’s day to day life.

No matter what age your child is diagnosed, adapting as a family to albinism is a process and, at times, can seem isolating and uncertain.  The AFA’s committee are dedicated to ensuring that you are not going through this journey alone and are able to reassure you that you your child will be ok.  We are also able to recommended service providers and specialists in your area.

Phone: 1300 22 16 19

Further information available in members’ area:

  • EARLY YEARS: Your New born. Your Toddler.
  • FAMILY MEMBERS: Educating and gaining the support of siblings, grandparents and extended family.
  • CHILDREN’S HEALTH: Sun protection, avoiding postural problems, accessing the arts, physical activity, sport and spectating.
  • CHILDREN’S LIFESTYLE: Having high expectations, developing resiliency and independence, social development and peer interaction. Accessing and enjoying music and other performing arts, the issues of driving and technology at home.
  • AVAILABLE SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN: Parent packs and contact with other parents/families through the AFA and financial or practical support from government funded programs.
  • CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS: Low vision skills workshops, camps, leisure activities and sports.
  • STORIES FROM CHILDREN: How they celebrate albinism, face challenges and participate in sports, travel, leisure or music.