Meet Our Committee

Elizabeth Beales

Elizabeth has OCA and Nystagmus was diagnosed with Albinism at the age of 40. Liz is passionate about empowering persons with Albinism and also creating an accurate and positive perspective of Albinism in the media. She has four adult children and lives in South Australia with her husband. In January 2020 Liz joined the Secretariat of the Global Albinism Alliance – Pilot.

Julie Derrett
Vice President

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Julie is enthusiastic about sharing her lived understanding of albinism with others in the AFA community and is also the ACT AFA representative.
In her professional life Julie has been an ABC Broadcaster and a primary school teacher. She is now semi retired working when it suits her.  Julie lives in Canberra and is married with two adult children.
Julie says she is both legally blind and legally blonde. Julie’s attitude to her visual disability is to find a way around the problems it presents, though she hasn’t cracked driving yet. Roll on driverless cars!

Annette Van Gent

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Annette has OCA and nystagmus, and was diagnosed with Albinism as a baby. Annette is committed to working towards challenging myths and stereotypes about Albinism, and promoting an accurate and positive understanding of people with Albinism. Annette enjoys meeting and supporting other people with Albinism and their families.  Annette lives in Sydney. 

Glen Bracegirdle

Glen has OCA and Nystagmus and was diagnosed with Albinism as a baby.  Glen has an interest in technology and how it can be used to make life easier for people with albinism. He is from Victoria and is one of our previous conference convenors.

Ted Thomas

Conference Convenor 2022

Ted has OCA and Nystagmus and was diagnosed with Albinism as a baby. Ted enjoys meeting and assisting new parents of children with Albinism. Ted who lives in Sydney, has been an office bearer for many years and is one of two NSW AFA representatives.

Sandra George
Special Projects and Webmaster

Sandra is grandmother to three children with Albinism. She is the Victorian AFA Representative and also currently the Webmaster. She is passionate about providing opportunities for the albinism community to meet, provide support, share information and most importantly to act as role models for children with albinism.

Jennifer Rivett
General Committee

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Jennifer was diagnosed with albinism as a 3-month-old. Until recently she had never met anyone else with albinism and now has found a whole new family. She is a strong advocate for equal opportunities for people with disabilities and strives to ensure that people are able to achieve their full potential in life. Jennifer lives in Darwin and is the Northern Territory AFA representative.

Jessicca Joyce
General Committee

Jessica is mother to a beautiful little boy with albinism. She is passionate about supporting others, with a particular focus on children and youth. She hopes to be able to help young people with albinism and their families to build resilience and confidence in themselves and to educate the world around them on the capabilities and beauty of those with albinism.

We are seeking people to assist in the running of the AFA, if you have skills that you feel would  be valuable to the fellowship or would simply love to give it a go, we want to hear from you. Contact us now!

AFA Committee 

Phone: 1300 22 16 19

President: Elizabeth Beales Email

Vice President:  Julie Derrett:

Secretary:  Annette van Gent:

Treasurer: Glen Bracegirdle Email

Special Projects: Sandra George:

Webmaster: Sandra George:

2022 Conference Convenor: Ted Thomas:

General Committee: Jennifer Rivett and Jessica Joyce.

Download AFA Constitution 

The AFA stands for self advocacy and we are proud that 6 of our 8 elected committee members have albinism, one parent of a child with albinism and one a grandparent of a child with albinism.