Membership & Events

Why Become A Member of the AFA?

Membership is open to anyone who has albinism, or is touched by albinism in some way.  One of the key purposes of the Albinism Fellowship Australia is to provide support to people with albinism and their families, friends and communities.  We have members from all over Australia, from a wide variety of backgrounds, each with their own stories and experiences of living with albinism.  Becoming a part of our community has been a life changing experience for many of our members who had previously had very little, if any interaction with other people affected by albinism.

We endeavour to keep our membership fees as low as possible but we do rely on these fees to provide resources and cover general running costs. If you have a link with albinism in Australia, we hope that you will consider joining the AFA to ensure it remains a viable resource and advocate for those with albinism.

Membership Renewals July each year

Our AFA membership renewal cycle runs from July to June the following year. If you would like to access our member only areas of this site and receive our email updates, take advantage of substantial discounts at our conferences, we strongly encourage you to join the AFA, or to renew your membership.

Renew your membership

Register to join the AFA

You can now renew for 10 years or take out a life membership so you won’t miss out! These options represent significant financial savings too.

The AFA is a not for profit organisation run wholly by unpaid volunteers, with no recurrent government or philanthropic support. Membership renewals help to cover essential costs of our charity such as website, 1300 number, insurance, compliance actions as a charity, state based gatherings and the biennial conference. We strongly encourage you to renew your membership or to support the association.

If you are a current financial member, we warmly thank you for your ongoing support. If you are unsure of your membership status, please email

Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to the members only area of this website for more detailed information and access to support letters to use in education, employment or NDIS.
  • Receive emails each year which may include articles on the latest research related to albinism, coming events, book or product reviews, the latest news on adaptive technology and much more.
  • Members are entitled to discounted rates when attending our national conferences and you may also be eligible to receive financial assistance for travel and accommodation to these events.
  • Free attendance to our local events or reduced rate where a cost is incurred by the AFA.
  • Note that the free Albinism Skin Check Program in Melbourne has now ended.

* All members are invited to join our extended committee where they can contribute to the albinism community by becoming involved with the organisation’s various subcommittees, fundraising and community activities. Contact the secretary.

AFA Constitution

Click here for Albinism Fellowship of Australia Constitution.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all events were put on hold to ensure the safety of members. As we are gradually coming out of Covid lockdown and restrictions are being eased, planning is underway for the next conference (see below). We hope that all in our community are safe and well, and look forward to catching up in person again soon in all states.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay in touch online with those you know, or join our facebook page (see below) to make new contacts or to keep in touch with those who “know albinism”.

Coming dates to put in your diary

  • International Albinism Awareness Day June 13th every year.
  • AFA Conference – 19-21 August 2022 in Sydney (Paramatta). See below.

Events in a “normal” year

The Albinism Fellowship Australia hold regular social and educational events with the purpose of providing support and fellowship to our members, their families and friends.

Attending an albinism event or get together can be uplifting and life changing for a parent of a child with albinism or as an adult, who may meet another person with albinism for the first time.

We take great care to ensure that all our gatherings are family friendly, held at locations that are easily accessed by public transport where possible and as vision impaired friendly as possible.

We hold a National Conference every two years, as well as regular state get togethers and seminars.

Contact one of our State Reps (see Contact menu) to enquire about events near you.

International Albinism Awareness Day June 13th

This day was sanctioned by the United Nations to raise awareness about albinism around the world and is celebrated each year on June 13th. We encourage families and communities of those with albinism to get together, to advocate for albinism, share information, fundraise or simply post an albinism photo to social media. Many of our children hold events at their school, speaking to their class or at assembly or perhaps fundraising for the AFA on or near that date.

IAAD 2022

This year’s theme is “United in Making Our Voice Heard”. We are very fortunate in Australia to not have the discrimination suffered by PWA in Africa or other countries and while we support their efforts through the global alliance, the AFA is centred on work in Australia. We still have issues here that need to be tackled, but publicly celebrating what we can do on a day like this, can be more productive in overcoming many misconceptions.

It is an opportunity for us to celebrate the theme at school, work or with friends, with a positive bent on the theme to celebrate. Let others know about albinism and our vision, how we get on with life just like everyone else. Demonstrate our capabilities and how we use technology and other skills to study, work and get around.

For a one page handout on IAAD and albinism to hand out at your event, or to friends and family, Click on one of the target groups below:

IAAD Information for kids at school suitable for upper primary or secondary ages.

IAAD Information for adults

IAAD Information for Adults with Albinism to give to family, friends or work colleagues.

Albinism Book mark to print

IAAD 2021 theme “Strength Beyond All Odds”

The theme was chosen to:

  • Highlight the good qualities of people with albinism around the world.
  • Show that people with albinism were made to defy all odds.
  • Celebrate how people with albinism worldwide meet and exceed expectation in all domains of life.
  • Encourage everyone during this time of global pandemic and to join the global effort to #BuildBackBetter

Members submitted a 10 second video to demonstrate their “Strength Beyond All Odds” and local events were held in Brisbane and Sydney. Unfortunately Covid cancelled the Melbourne event.

Celebrating IAAD 2020 in Australia

Click here to view the slides

Facebook Page

The AFA has a closed Facebook page for Australians who have a connection with albinism: AFA-Community Connections. You can join via application (don’t forget to answer the questions about your connection with albinism). It is designed to be a safe place to pose questions, share strategies and experiences with those who understand. Facebook members include adults and teens with albinism, parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family members and occasionally low vision professionals known to us who provide valuable information.

Further information available in members’ area:

  • THE NEXT CONFERENCE: For latest updates on planning, program, registration and government financial support.
  • MEMBER INFORMATION AND OFFERS: Parent packs, Letters of support, Reduced registration, State get togethers, informal networking opportunities and AFA Strategic Plan.
  • INDIVIDUAL STATE/TERRITORY PAGES: State representative details and contacts, events and activities of interest to members will be included here as Covid restrictions ease and conditions are predictable.