Events Calendar

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all “gathering” events have been suspended for the time being, in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We hope that all in our community are safe and well, and look forward to catching up in person again.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay in touch online with those you know, or join our facebook page (see below) to make new contacts or to keep in touch with those who “know albinism”.

June 13th 2020:

International Albinism Awareness Day 

Please celebrate online, and if permitted, with family, friends and the local school or community!

The 2020 theme “Made to Shine” was chosen to highlight the qualities of persons with albinism around the world. To show that they were made to stand out because they are outstanding in many ways as proven by an enormous amount of work and success stories highlighted in the news and other media in recent years. Help to celebrate by sending your stories to so that they can be shared on our pages!

This day was sanctioned by the United Nations to raise awareness about albinism around the world and is celebrated each year on June 13th. We encourage families and communities of those with albinism to advocate for albinism, share information, fundraise or simply post an albinism photo to social media. In the past many of our children held events at their school, spoke to their class or at assembly, or perhaps fundraised for the AFA on or near that date.

19th – 21st August 2022:

AFA Conference to be held in Sydney (Parramatta)

Please contact your state representatives for local events in your area or check the AFA Facebook page for upcoming events.