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Welcome to the Albinism Fellowship of Australia, we are so happy you have joined.

We hope that the members only section provides you with valuable resources.  Check our site regularly as we will have events in different states at different times,

You’ll find a variety of events each year.  While a few of our meet ups revolve around discussing Albinism and XXX, most of our functions are predominately social with the intent of building friendships and community.

Read each event description before RSVP and feel free to contact the designated Event Host if you would like more information for that event.

A very important reminder of our rules to all members:

  1. As always ask all our members to be respectful of each other.  We have a diverse group and want everyone to feel welcomed and completely safe in our community.  Harassment and abusive or coercive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. Please honour each members privacy.
  3. Members are welcome to suggest appropriate events and activities.

Thank you

Albinism Fellowship of Australia