For Educators

Educators or assistants working at all levels can gain support from those experienced in working with children or adults with albinism through this page. We have basic information on the condition, the effects of functional vision on learning and studying, the types and use of assistive technology and simple things you can do to support student’s vision.

We also have documents to support the work of a school nurse involved in developing plans or attending to students.

Examples of documents about albinism and learning include the following topics:

  • What it is, why it occurrs and why no two people with albinism have the same vision.
  • Albinism and functional vision – how and what they see.
  • Expectations for learning and career options for those with albinism – very few limitations!
  • Understanding your student’s vision and the challenges this presents for them in their learning
  • Technologies that can be used by the student to allow them to access reading material, produce documents and view demonstrations or presentations in the mainstream classroom.
  • Accessing a microscope.
  • Simple variations in teaching method that will support them.
  • The need for special provision in all assessment (informal and formal)
  • Working with a teaching assistant and the visiting teacher for the vision impaired. When and why are they required.
  • The Exra Core Curriculum required for the school student to learn specific skills related to low vision.
  • Working with parents (and the older student) at student support group meetings and on individual learning plans.
  • Information for music teachers.
  • Including the low vision student in physical education and sport.
  • The need to have sun and glare protection when outside, with the provision of suitable shade areas.
  • Gaining professional support to meet OHS requirements for safe orientation and mobility in the classroom and yard/grounds.
  • Brief one page documents to provide to teachers working with the student for the first time or to place in the replacement teachers’ folder.
  • More detailed documents for when you are ready to learn more.

Make personal contact with a teacher experienced in albinism:

  • If you wish to speak to someone – phone 1300 22 16 19 and we will put you in touch with a teacher (if one does not answer).
  • Via email – fill out the section below indicating the nature of your enquiry or pose specific questions.
  • Let us know which type of education, year levels or if applicable, the subject area you are working in.

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