The Next Conference

Parramatta (Sydney) 2021: Postponed until 2022

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and unpredictable border closures, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the biennial National Conference. We are planning to hold it at the same venue, Novotel Parramatta, August 19th to 21st, 2022.

Our enthusiastic and hardworking conference committee consisting of persons with Albinism, committee members and local members within NSW, will continue to work on the program.

Possible financial support to attend AFA Conferences

Australian Government grant

Each conference the AFA applies for an Australian Government grant to support those who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. As soon as we know if we have been successful for the next conference, we will let members know how to apply to us for support!


The NDIS may allow a claim for attendance at our conference in order for you or parents of children (and siblings) to meet your goal of gaining knowledge about albinism and accommodations or services available. A further goal of connecting with others with albinism may also be included. You can use the document below to verify information about the conference and anticipated costs, on AFA letterhead to submit with your NDIS plan. Those who gain NDIS funding for the conference will not be eligible for the AFA grant (above).

AFA letter of support to include the cost of attending the 2022 AFA conference in your NDIS plan.

For more information regarding the upcoming conference please contact the