Template Letter for Parents to Teachers etc.

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One of our members, Cindy Turkovic has kindly written a template letter to help parents of kids with albinism. She has this letter posted on the notice board at her son’s kindy.

You can download the letter in word format here.

The text of the letter is:

Hi, my name is <insert child’s name> and I have Albinism.

Because I have no pigment in my eyes, skin or hair I have trouble seeing in bright light and sunburn very easily. I always wear my hat and glasses and I need lots of sunscreen.

You probably won’t notice that I am vision impaired because I paint, draw, run and jump just as well as all my friends and even see very tiny things if they are really close to me.

Just remember, if my friends are standing with a window or sun behind them I’ll probably just see shadows. If I am looking for something, please don’t tell me it’s over there” because I can’t see to the other side of the kinder room. “Near the library corner” or “behind the sandpit” would be more helpful.

Steps and slopes can be difficult for me to see and sometimes it helps if you show me where these are. Once I know my way around I am fine.

My mum, <insert name> is happy to talk to you but please not when I am listening. I really notice all the fuss people make about me.