Living with Albinism

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Information Sheet Video Magnifiers: A handy document which you definitely should read if you are considering using or purchasing a video magnifier. Produced by members of AFA_Online. It was created using information which everyone in the group has shared about their own personal experiences and from specific questions people have asked about CCTVs and video magnifiers.

Albino Vision – Basic Facts: Created by Dr Brian Evans for the NOAH albinism conference hosted by Brisbane in 2008.  Dr Evans has Oculocutaneous Albinism and was an Optometry undergraduate student at the University of Manchester UK at the time.

digitalTV: Article published in ‘Clinical Viewpoint’ (10.10.2008) written by Dr Brian Evans.  He “proposes a theory that may change the way we think about visual processing, particulary the perceived cylinder variation experienced by albinos”.

Living with Albinism: Article published in ‘Australian Doctor‘ (published 06.04.2007) written by Dr Shari Parker.  Shari has Oculocutaneous Albinism.  This is an informative article where Shari discusses the clinical features of albinism, alongside the practicalities of living with albinism including the everyday challenges and solutions.

Paul Delaney is an internationally successful professor of astronomy. He came to the 2011 Spectacular Platinum Festival, and is awesome. Watch him here:

Albinism – from the perspective of a 9 year old daughter of an adult with albinism


You can view a PDF of the contents of a talk by Dr. Brian Evans here.

Dr. Brian Evans was a champion of people with albinism. His insight and knowledge into the condition which he had, undiagnosed until adulthood, are extraordinary. An engineer for most of his life and an optometrist in the latter stages, Brian’s talks were always informative, engaging and thorough.
Sadly, Dr Evans passed away in 2012, but his legacy of albinism information remains. We thank him for his generosity in making his research available.
Viewing the notes without the commentary is less than ideal, but we trust you are able to source the information you require regarding albinism.