Past Events

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2009 National Conference

“Shining The Light On Albinism” Brisbane, QLD

‘Shining The Light on Albinism’ – 3rd National Conference of the Albinism Fellowship of Australia was held on Friday 11th – Sunday 13th September 2009 at the Chifley at Lennons Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland.

Event specifics: 156 Attendees = 128 registrants (including 49 people with albinism); 3 Keynote Speakers; 10 Professional Speakers; 7 Workshop Coordinators; 8 Crèche/Youth workers; 8 Personal Stories (included in registrants total). Program included 10 additional Presenters involved with a separate public display of VI Sports Options, Friday 11th September 2009, Upper Stage, Queen Street Mall.

Attendees at the 2009 AFA Conference held in Brisbane

2008 National Conference

“Platinum Reflections – Beyond the Stereotype” Adelaide, SA

The 2008 AFA conference was held at the Stamford Grand Hotel, waterside at Glenelg, Adelaide from 4-6 April 2010. Keynote speakers at the conference included: The Faaabulous Rick Guidotti, founder of Positive Exposure in the USA, Dr Brian Evans with his user friendly guide the albino eye,  Margaret Mary Campbell from the USA who spoke on Bully-proofing your child, our very own osteopath Philip Latey, and the lovely Dr Jamie Craig, whose team also examined corneal thickness amongst people with albinism.

A crèche was run for our younger members. We enjoyed a Conference dinner on the Friday night at Lungamore Italian Restaurant, and Saturday evening was a relaxed waterside picnic. At our second conference, we had 118 attendees, including 42 people with albinism.

Attendees at the 2008 AFA Conference in Adelaide