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Albinism Fellowship of Australia
Information for those wanting to attend the Bridge Climb as part of the AFA conference
“The Bridge Climb”
AFA will not be taking bookings, this is a suggested event  and times only, see details below. You will need to go to the website below and follow the instructions re how to pay.
AFA has selected 2 possible tours, we can not guarantee that  there will be any AFA members on these climbs,however we have narrowed them down to a couple of time slots to increase the likelihood that there will be AFA conference attendees there. We have chosen two tour approximate times spanning two days…. these being….
1.     Friday morning 11th October DAY “Bridge Climb” (there are 4 tours with different names). As this tour is during the day and departs every 30 minutes or so, AFA recommends you attend the tour at 10.15am & if that is full then 10.45am (you will be allocated a time when you book, they are on the quarter hour, so hopefully our members will book at 10.15 or 10.45. The 10.15am tour for example will bring you back at 1.30 whereby you can travel 20 minutes to the hotel for conference activities, however please be aware you will be late for conference proceedings.
2.     Thursday night 10th October TWILIGHT “Bridge Climb” (“early” time slot). Again there are different time slots, the “early” one starts at 4:55pm, however once again they are allocated based on first in first booking basis and they usually leave every 15-30 minutes. Should you choose this climb you will not be able to go on the ghost tour of the Rocks, so people would need to choose one or the other since they are running on the same evening.
The climbs are for ages 10+, however it is recommended that you only climb if you are able to do so independently as there are no attendant assistants, just guides allocated to the tour. Also keep in mind that there is no shade for these climb as it is on a bridge and it is during the day and early dusk, so this can be quite hot and the sun in Australia burns very quickly, so keep this in mind when deciding whether the tour is right for you and your sun sensitivity/eyesight.
To book please go the the below website, choose the “Bridge Climb” and choose the desired date when offered (with the above guidance in mind regarding times). These tours are not exclusively for AFA attendees, so as there are only 12-14 attendees per climb, its best to get in to book ASAP. If these climbs are full then you can choose a time that suits you, remembering there will not necessarily be an AFA representative or attendee as this is an independent tour.
Again, this is not an run AFA event, it is run through so the time slots are only being advised so there is more of a chance of meeting others from AFA and also so that you can attend the rest of the conference proceedings. There is no guarantee that others from AFA will be there during these times, however as it is being suggested as a time window to book, the chances are that there will be others from AFA.
See details about this climb and visit the website at
Info from the Bridge Climb website…..
Absorb a 360 degree panorama of Sydney as you journey to the summit on our original climb experience. Like an exposed spine, the outer rim delivers you to the peak, as the sky remains just beyond your outstretched fingertips.
The Journey:
Latching on in the Climb Base below the Bradfield Highway, you will walk on catwalks below the road-deck until you reach the south-east pylon. Here you will ascend 4 ladders to the start of the upper arch, surrounded by the hum and buzz of Sydney’s traffic. With the summit in your sight, your journey continues along the Bridge’s outer arch on the Opera House side until you hit the top. After a summit celebration with your group, you cross the spine of the Bridge to the Darling Harbour side to make your descent to our Climb Base.
“Bridge Climb” tour Facts:
1          3 ½ hours long, max. 14 people per group.
2          1 ,332 steps.
3          Ideal if you want to soak up the moment and take the upper arch.
4          Ideal if you’re a bit nervous and would like more support from our Climb Leaders.
5          You can do this climb at dawn (limited departures), day, twilight or night. 
NB: (AFA note) Please see below for advertised prices and the fine print.
The tours AFA has suggested are the day tour at 10am, adult $235 and child $158 and alternatively the Thursday early evening tour on the 10th October for $298 adult and $208 child.
1          Rates valid from 1 July 2013 until 31 March 2014 (excluding 25 December 2013 to 8 January 2014 inclusive where Peak Rates apply)
2          Rates are per person and in Australian Dollars (including Goods & Services Tax (GST)).
3          Climb rates and periods are subject to change at the discretion of BridgeClimb.
4          * The group photograph is taken at the summit of your whole climb group. Additional individual or personal group photos are available for purchase.
5          ** Child rates are for ages 10 to 15 inclusive and there must be one adult climber per three child climbers.
6          *** Dawn Climbs have limited departures. Please speak to our staff about availability.
Bridge History
-     To Sydneysiders, the Bridge is more than a photogenic landmark. It’s much bigger, much more important than that. We’ve driven it, walked it, drifted under it and felt that feeling when you glimpse it through the window of a homeward-bound Boeing. The Sydney Harbour Bridge belongs to us. And we want to share it with the world.
-     Scaling one of Australia’s best-loved icons is an unforgettable journey of sight and sound. From its fascinating underbelly, along its majestic arch, and peaking at its 134m high summit – BridgeClimb offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the spirit of Sydney.
-     Nearly 3 million local and international people, from as young as ten to the wise old age of 100, have ascended the great arches to stand at the summit. We have welcomed all sorts – loved-up couples, big families, local school teams, worldly backpackers and the latest celebs.
-     With our local Climb Leaders as your guide – share in an unexpected perspective of the Bridge, its part in Sydney’s story, and its foothold in today’s cityscape.
-     The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a symbol of Australia. It crosses one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and is a striking feature of Sydney’s skyline.
-     Opened in 1932, it is the world’s largest (but not longest) steel-arch bridge. Loved by the locals, the Bridge is at the heart of Sydney celebrations such as the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks and the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games announcement. 
Insider Facts:
1          Known to the locals as ‘the coathanger’
2          Hotly debated by Australians as to whether the Bridge, or the Sydney Opera House, is the #1 icon of Sydney
3          Paul Hogan was once employed as a rigger on the Bridge
4          It is sturdy, but not stationary. The Bridge can rise or fall by 18cm due to heating and cooling.