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The Albinism Fellowship of Australia is selling some books:

But Mommy It’s Not Fair

This simple text children’s picture book was written by the mother of a child with albinism.

“Heaven” the child in the book, wonders why she looks different from everyone, and her family help her learn to accept herself as she is.

Available via the AFA, this book is ideal for you and your child. $15.00 plus postage.

All Children Have Different Eyes

All Children Have Different Eyes” by Edie A. Glaser.
“All children have different eyes” shows different reasons for children wearing glasses.This book goes a long way to helping other children understand that not everyone’s eyes work the same.

Some parents have bought themselves a copy plus one for their child’s class.

Available via the AFA. $25.00 plus postage.


$15 + Postage

Raising A Child With Albinism – A Guide to the Early Years

$25 + Postage

But Mommy It’s Not Fair – My Shaking Eyes

$17 + Postage

These are available for purchase through the treasurer, (email