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International Albinism Awareness Day

To the AFA community, 
It is with much excitement that the AFA Committee share some wonderful news…
Persons with albinism (PWA) now have their own UN day. June 13 will be celebrated throughout the world as “International Albinism Awareness Day”. June 13 was chosen as it was on this day in 2013 that the UN adopted its first ever resolution on albinism. The AFA are very pleased with this result. This day has come to fruition through strong advocacy from Under the Same Sun, with support from the World Albinism Alliance (WAA) of which the AFA is a part. .

Please see for further details regarding International Albinism Awareness Day.  (Also, come along to one of our AFA events! NSW, VIC)
What does this mean?
PWA now have an opportunity to join together to celebrate and raise awareness around the globe. It is believed that such a day will not only assist in the education about albinism to the wider community but will also go a long way in assisting PWA enduring discrimination and life threatening issues around the globe.
The opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of albinism is an opportunity the AFA does not want to miss! As we all know education and knowledge is power. The more people in our society who truly understand albinism the more advocates we have. An informed community means more positive experiences for us all – PWA, their family and friends. Let’s all educate and celebrate “International Albinism Day” on the 13th June.
What can you do?
The AFA would love to see celebrations across Australia! Have a think how you could share in this historic day, celebrate and educate.
Some ideas for you…

  • coffee or morning tea with family and friends
  • staff morning tea
  • catch up with other friends touched by albinism
  • read a picture book about albinism
  • share celebrations with your child’s day care, kindy or school
  • crazy hat day
  • share an adventurous day out – be sure to wear long sleeves, hat and sunscreen!
  • google and find famous PWA
  • brainstorm the wonderful things about albinism

Celebrating with a community group  or school community  
If you are interested in sharing this day with a community group or school we have attached a template letter that you may modify to introduce “International Albinism Awareness Day” to your community.

As the AFA is required to share a report with the UN we ask if you could please share planned activities, location and expected numbers. Please email this information
AFA would like you to enjoy the day. Celebrate this day and if the opportunity arises, educate even just one more person about albinism. This will make a difference in the lives of PWA, their family and friends – YOU! And don’t forget to send through your photos and stories to
We can’t wait to see the celebrations!

Sharing International Albinism Awareness Day with Professionals / agencies 
We would also seek your assistance in sharing the news regarding IAAD with your extended network and community, this will not only enable the news to be spread much further afield, but also by using your own connections and associations, it will ad a more personal touch, and enable you to be involved personally. 

Please see the attached letter from the Committee which we would encourage each and every one of you to send to at least five individuals / organisations. For example:

  1. Ophthalmologist
  2. Optometrist
  3. Dermatologist
  4. Low Vision teacher
  5. O and M worker
  6. Local branch of Vision Australia
  7. Local branch of Guide Dogs
  8. Local state MP
  9. Local Federal MP
  10. Local council

The AFA Committee thanks you very much for your assistance in working together to celebrate this wonderful day both personally wtih your local community and other professionals and organisations. Let’s work together to make this day one whic his celebrated and acknowledged widely. 

Albinism Fellowship of Australia Executive Committee.
1300 22 16 19

AFA Conference Cairns September 25-27

We are excited to invite you to our next Albinism Fellowship of Australia Biennial conference.
When: 25-27 September 2015
Where: Cairns Hilton, Far North Queensland.
Join us for a wonderful weekend of fun, friendship and learning. This is a family friendly program and Youth and creche programs will be available.
Email for more details

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